Fix Your Pinching Hip Pain With Back Squats

A particularly common issue people report is pinching hip pain in their hip/groin region at the bottom of the squat position. There are a handful of orthopedic diagnoses people with this issue get handed/labeled to explain what may be going on ⤵️ ⚫️ Labrum pathology ⚫️ Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) ⚫️ Hip Flexor Tendinitis ⚫️ Hip Osteoarthritis 🚨PSA🚨these labels more often than not hinder, not help people get back to squatting. For too often I find myself educating people in the clinic that it is OK TO SQUAT, we just need to analyze what is going on and make MODIFICATIONS if needed. In this video, I point out 2️⃣ of the MOST COMMON REASONS why people experience pinching symptoms with squatting. ❌ Loss of bracing ❌ Lack of pelvic control/optimal position Let’s talk about bracing and why this is important. Bracing, especially with heavy squatting, provides stability to the spinal column. Bracing also provides stability to the pelvic region, which ends up influencing hip position. If you lose your brace at the bottom of the squat, it can affect the femoral head position relative to the pelvis and potentially cause these symptoms. So follow along in the video to learn a simple tip to work on bracing with sit squats. What about pelvic control and pelvis position? There is a lot of debate about butt winking with squatting and we have covered this topic in other posts/articles. Personally, I only focus on this when someone is having symptoms in the pelvic region with squatting, otherwise, I don’t get too caught up with it. Ultimately, you need to be able to control movement in this area. Follow along with this video to work on body awareness and control of this region with sit squats.
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