Pillow Adjustment For Bedtime Neck Pain

Do you wake up with neck pain, jaw pain, or headaches? Did you know your sleeping position and your pillow set-up could be contributing to these symptoms!? SIDE SLEEPERS! Try out this simple trick that may be the key to improving your morning and daytime aches. Rolling the pillow up will promote a more neutral neck position. But why does this matter? Check out this side sleeping position example presented by Craig. For someone with broad shoulders sleeping on a firm surface, the neck is going to be put into a lot of side-bend in order for the head to be supported. Even with a flat pillow, the neck will still not be in a neutral position. If you’re a heavy sleeper and stay in the same position all night - the facet joints in the cervical spine on the same side as the sleeping surface are going to be compressed all night, which could make them unhappy when you wake up. Did you know that we see patients and clients?! If you’re still experiencing symptoms that limit you on a daily basis, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and get an appointment scheduled in the greater Los Angeles area!
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