FIX YOUR BACKSWING With These Exercises | Episode 42

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 1:06 Find Your Optimal Backswing Position 2:11 Thread The Needle 3:25 Lead Arm Cross Body Stretch 5:18 Bent Over Open Book - Hand Behind Back 6:45 The Windmill 8:22 Conclusion In this video, we are going to focus on exercises to fix your backswing. To be more specific, we are going to show you our favorite mobility exercises to target the most common body regions, that when limited in how well they can move, can and will affect the backswing position. As a consumer of golf myself, I know how it feels to search the internet to find tips and tricks to fix my game. If there is anything I’ve learned over the past 8 years since I started playing golf, it's the fact that your body will do anything it takes to hit the golf ball. Whether you adjust your hands and wrists, the face of the club, or how much you turn - your body will find a way to compensate if need be to hit the ball in the direction you want to. A common reason for your body to have to make adjustments is a bad backswing. The backswing is the reason for your impact and follow-through, you’re able to hit the ball as hard as you want because you’ve created potential energy via the backswing. Loading, which creates this potential energy, occurs during the backswing and is then utilized during the transition to the downswing. The transition and the downswing is where we are going to see these compensations occur! In order to avoid these compensations, we need to work on our backswing positioning. The most common body regions that can affect the backswing position are going to be the thoracic spine, the shoulders, and the hips. These regions contribute heavily to our ability to rotate. Rotation is extremely important in golf because this is where we get a lot of our power to hit the ball! Also, being able to rotate and move from the right areas is going to protect other body areas that actually shouldn’t be rotating or moving too much like the low back. So how do you improve your body’s ability to rotate in the right areas to improve your backswing? Follow along with the entire video as Craig walks you through his favorite exercises to fix your backswing. You’ll also learn an easy drill to help find your backswing! Do yourself a favor and pick even just a couple of these movements, spend a few minutes on the driving range or the 1st tee box doing them before you practice or play, and your golf game will reap the benefits!
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