Standing Fire Hydrant With Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrant and Donkey Kicks Strengthen your Glute’s! . The Glute’s are tri-planar muscles, meaning they perform exercises in all three planes of motion: EXTENSION, EXTERNAL ROTATION, and ABDUCTION. The final exercise shown here will address all three of those motions. . The first exercise shown here is a donkey kick The second exercise shown here is a fire hydrant The last exercise is both put of those put into one! -Begin in a fire hydrant by Externally Rotating your hip, make sure to keep the pelvis straight towards the floor. -Kick back as far as you can while keeping your hip rotated externally/outward . During the exercise make sure to keep a mild bend in your knee of your stance leg, the one on the ground. The core needs to stay braced and solid as well. "Clamp your ribs into your pelvis". The only thing move should be the HIP performing the � movement. . TAG A FRIEND who needs to wake up their glute’s OR who's looking to plump up that booty!
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