Finding Stability On The Wall For Rock Climbers

This exercise challenges both your global and local lumbar stabilizers. The deep stabilizers like the multifidus contribute to stability by counteracting shear forces and preventing intervertebral motion. The multifidus supports the vertebral column through compressive forces while the transversus abdominis stabilizes it by increasing intra-abdominal pressure. We all know that practice makes perfect, but how? Motor control is a critical aspect of performance. A recent study looking at a complex timing task found that a group that got extensive practice improved their ability to adapt to unpredictable perturbations better than a group who did not get practice. Extensive practice can lead to changes in the excitability and plasticity at the primary motor cortex in the brain during motor learning. Adding a motor control component to your prehab training program really adds another layer and allows you to adjust to unpredictable environments better. Citation: Panjabi et al (1994). Fonseca et al (2012)
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