Exercises for SI Joint Pain

Timestamps 00:00 Start 00:57 What is the SI Joint? 1:42 Assess to see if you have SIJ dysfunction or pain! 2:04 What causes SIJ pain or dysfunction? 2:20 What can you do to help with your pain? 02:51 Bridge -Adduction 04:41 Sidelying Hip Abduction 06:03 Superman- Swiss Ball 07:14 Single Leg RDL 11:49 End SI joint or sacroilliac joint pain or discomfort can be extremely frustrating! Lauren knows this well because she has dealt with it! Join us today as Lauren discusses with the SIJ is, explains the difference between SIJ pain and SIJ dysfunction, helps you figure out if you are dealing with SIJ pain and dysfunction and what can be done about it! We know from the research that regardless of if you are dealing with SIJ pain or SIJ dysfunction, working on exercise that help to improve our lumbopelvic stability (aka strengthening the muscles around our low back and pelvis) can be very beneficial when it comes to management of these symptoms! Try a few of these exercises and let us know what you think! Be patient with yourself! This is no small battle but with consistency, you will find the body can do amazing things!
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