Exercises For Piriformis Syndrome: Fix that pain in your butt!

⏱Timestamps: 1:03​ - What is the piriformis? 2:21​- What is piriformis syndrome? 3:18​ - How To Test For Piriformis Syndrome 5:36​ - Daily [P]Rehab tips for piriformis syndrome 6:45​ - Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome 8:45​ - Easy Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome 11:20​ - Harder Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome 12:58​ - Exercises to avoid with Piriformis Syndrome Have you been dealing with a nagging pain in your buttock that just doesn’t want to go away? You’ve tried everything. Ice, heat, massaging the area, but nothing is working! It may be due to a condition known as ‘Piriformis Syndrome’, but we’re going to update you on this mysterious diagnosis that still seems to cause a lot of confusion in the healthcare field, More importantly, we’re going to help you take care of that annoying pain in the butt with the right dose of education and exercise! Follow along as we break down everything you need to know about Piriformis Syndrome Article - https://library.theprehabguys.com/piriformis-syndrome-a-real-pain-in-the-butt/ Video Edited by: https://www.instagram.com/aesthetic_al/?hl=en
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