Exercises for Knee Pain – Get Strong Knees

Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:49 What you need to know about the knee joint 1:38 Different types of knee pain and what causes pain 3:17 Strength and mobility 3:25 Why you should do isometric exercises 4:32 Try this modification if needed! 5:41 Knee over toe exercises - yes, you should! 6:00 Hamstring strengthening 6:33 Work those muscles above and below! 7:06 The hip and core and WHY! Knee pain - yep, it can be so incredibly frustrating! But having a base understanding of why we may have knee pain and what we need to do for it is key to taking ownership of your health! Join Adelle as she talks about her favorite joint (the knee) and breaks down, why we get knee pain, but more importantly what we can do for our knee pain!
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