Exercises for Calf Strains

Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:30 What does the calf muscle do? 1:00 What is a muscle strain? 1:53 Why do we see strains in the calf muscles? 2:51 What are calf strain symptoms? 3:32 Start with isometrics - why? 4:09 Isotonic exercises are next! 5:38 Onto eccentric work! 5:56 Should we stretch? Find out! Calf strains are limiting - but with appropriate management of a calf strain or any muscle strain, you can be back to what you love doing in no time. It's important to progress calf strains in the right way with the right goals in mind. Curious as to where to get started? Join Craig as he takes you through his favorite exercises for calf strains.
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