Exercise for Shoulder Labrum Injuries

Timestamps 00:00 What is the shoulder labrum? 4:45 Kettlebell Pull Through...What's the goal? 5:36 Work on your shoulder stability with Carry - 90/90, Bottoms Up, Unilateral 6:47 Focus on regaining shoulder rotation with Shoulder Internal Rotation - 90-90, Band 8:27 End   Shoulder labrum injuries happen! Typically they are caused by one of two reasons. The first being a compressive type of injury, the second being a traction type of injury. Dive into this video to learn the difference between the two. What we do know about shoulder labrum injuries, and what we know REALLY well is that performing strengthening exercises with a focus on stability is crucial. Since the labrum helps to provide stability to the shoulder joint, with a labrum injury, we need to work on regaining that stability and neuromuscular control. Check out some of our favorite exercises for shoulder labrum injuries in this video!
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