Shoulder Overhead Prep With Bands

Here is my favorite superset utilizing the @crossoversymmetry for Shoulder Strengthening💪🏽. . Exercise #1️⃣ involves pulling the shoulders back into a Y (arms overhead) transitioned to an I (arms by your side) position. The 🔑 here is to engage the scapula retractors (meaning keeping the shoulder blades Back and Down) 🔑 here is to keep the shoulders externally rotated - this is done by pointing the thumbs towards the back wall during the Y and palm facing the anchor during the I. . Exercise #2️⃣ is an overhead push, this exercise involves pulling the resistance bands overhead in a similar motion as a military press. Make sure to hinge at the hips. The more hip hinging= more overhead press. If you don't hip hinge enough this exercise becomes a chest press. 🔑 here is make sure when pushing overhead that you maximize scapula movement. you can see here Arash gets adequate upward rotation of his scapula. Notice how this is not achieved by shrugging the shoulders.
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