Hip Flexion Dynamic Stretch

Additionally, hip mobility deficits have been found in people with hip osteoarthritis (Birrell 2001), sports related groin pain (Nevin 2013), and femoroaceteabular impingement aka FAI (Kubiak-Lankger 2007). . When FAI and labral tears are present, one typically exhibits reduced hip mobility into flexion, internal rotation, and adduction (Burnett 2006). Improving mobility in the hip joint does not require inventing new mobility; it simply means regaining what was lost in not allowing your hip to be in those ranges over time. This calls for [P]Rehab! . It is important to minimize the deleterious effects of hip mobility deficits. When hip mobility is adequate, there are better arthrokinematics, which leaves you with a happy hip. Here are 2 exercises to help with hip mobility: 1️⃣Runners Lunge ✅Attempt to drive your knee towards that elbow 2️⃣Hip Flexion <>Airplane Pose ✅Try to maintain your balance for the entirety of this exercise! ❌Don't round at the back when going into an airplane pose, this will challenge your hip flexion in a weight bearing manner.
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