Bird Dog

Here is an exercise that combines both Bird-Dog + Bear Crawl into One! . This is an excellent exercise to challenge dynamic core stability. When we say core stability, we are talking about the ability to control the torso, which dictates spinal movement. We want to limit the spine from moving excessively during any movement whether it’s flexion, extension, or rotation. Too much spinal movement under heavy loads can result in compensation! Compensation can lead to tissue overuse and injury. Building a stable core is a fundamental prerequisite to lifting heavier weight safely and effectively. . If you are unsure if you are compensating you can place an object (light medicine ball) on your lower back. If it falls off you are likely rotating at your low back too much. . Sometimes you may need to Regress to Progress when it comes to mastering an exercise. To regress this you can perform either Bird-Dog or Bear Crawl Exercise. If you think you can perform this Bird-Dog Bear Crawl without compensating tag us in your Story!
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