Anti-Rotation Core

Core Stability is about optimal control, which is the balance between MOVEMENT and STIFFNESS” –Paul Hodges. . Anti-rotational exercise should be a staple of every core program, and it is well documented in the research to support its ability in increasing core stiffness. . The exercises shown here are 4 great ways in which you can improve your rotational core strength: . 1️⃣ Anti-Rotational Plate Push-Away 2️⃣ Standing Pallof Press 3️⃣ Dead Bug Pallof Press 4️⃣ TRX Anti-Rotation . Make sure to move in a slow and controlled fashion with all of these exercises. You have an option to hold at the end position for a certain amount of time. Parameters we recommend is beginning with a 30 second hold or 15 repetitions for 3 sets. . 🔑 Maintain an absolute stable and still pelvis/spine...only your arms should be moving in this exercise. The further you bring your arms out in front of you = longer moment arm = greater demand. . Citation: -Lee, B. C., and S. M. McGill. Effect of long-term isometric training on core/torso stiffness. 2015. -Core Stability Exercise Principles By: Venu Akuthota et al. 2008.
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