Episode 26 Glute Exercise Progressions!

It is imperative to master the fundamentals before working on highly skilled or sports-like movements. This program will begin with non-weight bearing isometric holds, don't let these exercises fool you - they are extremely challenging! We then progress to static double leg weight-bearing exercises then guide you into single leg exercises; we end this lower body exercise program with dynamic strengthening movements. Read More Here: https://library.theprehabguys.com/how-to-prog... Exercises in this video include: - Non- Weight Bearing Isometrics - Clams - Isotonics - Clams - Double Leg Static - Squat Hold - Single Leg Static - Captain Morgan - Double Leg Dynamic - Goblet Squat - Kettlebell - Single Leg Dynamic - Single Leg RDL With Weight In Opposite Hand This video showcased lower body exercise progression taking you from non-weight bearing isometric holds → double leg static hold → single leg static hold → double leg strengthening! Click here for the entire program! https://library.theprehabguys.com/workout-low... Video Edited By: https://www.instagram.com/aesthetic_al/
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