Eccentric Shoulder Strengthening

Eccentric Shoulder Strengthening [Overhead Athletes] . The posterior aspect of the shoulder consists of three of the four rotator cuff muscles: Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus & Teres Minor (which are External Rotators of the Shoulder). These muscles are often limited in flexibility due to inadequate strength. Here is a great way to strengthen these muscles eccentrically. WHY eccentrically you ask? . Regarding rotator cuff strength, it is generally recognized that overhead athletes often exhibit sport-specific adaptations leading to a relative decrease in the strength of the external rotators, and thus muscular imbalance in the rotator cuff. With overhead athletes the recent focus has shifted from isometric or concentric to ECCENTRIC muscle strengthening of the rotator cuff (particularly the External rotators). The reason is that these muscles are used as a decelerator during powerful throwing, serving, or smashing movements. . Shown here are 2 great drills (Y's & 90/90 ER) that you can go through to strengthen this portion of your shoulder as needed functionally! . Citation: "Prevention of shoulder injuries in overhead athletes: a science-based approach” by: Ann Cools et al.
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