Eccentric Radial Deviation – Elbow Straight, Dumbbell

  • HOW:ย Get set-up sitting upright with a surface next to you to support your elbow and forearm. With your elbow extended position your forearm and wrist in a neutral position with your thumb facing up, and have your hand unsupported at the edge of the surface. While maintaining your forearm position, use a dumbbell or your other hand to apply an external resistance and perform eccentric radial deviation. Use your other hand to return to starting position. See the video for other tips and instructions.
  • FEEL:ย You should feel the muscles on top of your forearm working as well as other muscles in your forearm and hand to help with gripping the dumbbell if youโ€™re using one. You may feel tension on the outside of your elbow as well.
  • COMPENSATION:ย Perform slowly, do not lose elbow position, do not lift your arm off the surface.ย 

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