Alternating Lunges With Overhead Press With The Yoak

It's always good to mix up your training program and add a different stimulus. We've been experimenting with overhead perturbations using the yoak. We can all agree the overhead athlete should challenge stability in the overhead position. Adding perturbations is one way to do that, and it's an added bonus when performed in the same plane (sagittal) as other overhead movements (snatch, press, jerk). Check out this exercise and challenge yourself! This is a great movement to supplement your deloading weeks or working on technique. Don't fret, you can still do this exercise without the yoak. Just tie kettlebells/dumbbells to mobility bands and tie it to a barbell or sturdy dowel. If you decrease the time spent pausing movements (lunging and pressing overhead), it creates a greater perturbation. Lunging in different directions will create a different direction of force that'll you have to resist. This is a great prehab/rehab exercise to promote proximal stability at the shoulder joint. The lunging can be a progression, but it's a way to challenge hip stability and promote a sturdy base.
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