Dynamic Hip Mobility Drill

Your hips are the workhorses of your body, take care of them! Prior to working out, using a dynamic warm-up should always be implemented for the days you plan to train your Lower Body. Static stretching has been shown to decrease the power output of muscles which is why dynamic stretching great. The goal here is to bring flow to the tissue, prime the nervous system, and gets your muscles and joints moving through a range of motion they will soon be working within.   The first sequence of exercises help focus on dynamic mobility of the hip, including: -Knee to chest  -Adductor squat  -Piriformis Pull  -Hamstring Scoops  -Quad Stretch  -Lunge + Trunk Twist  For this sequence choose 4-8 movements performed for 4-6 reps   This next sequence prepares you better for higher-level movement focusing more on waking up the nervous system. This also is great because it requires more active movements. This includes: -Butt kickers  -High knees  -Knee in to out  -Knee out to in  -Hamstring Kicks For this sequence choose 4-6 movements performed for 10-15 yards
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