Dynamic Glute Soft Tissue Mobilization

Here is one of my go to hip STM techniques prior to working out or when I am sore from a mean leg day. FYI no muscles were released here, nothing detached people, everything is still connected 😂. Performing STM can improve range of motion short term, and can decrease perceived muscle soreness after a workout, so why not 🙃 Instructions below ⤵️   Use any piece of equipment you have handy (medicine ball shown here) and get it set up right on your 🍑. The most important thing, don’t just sit there ➡️ MOVE‼️ Mimic what I am doing in the video.    Moving with STM is so important for a few reasons. It makes it more active vs. passive (we like to promote movement). It tends to make it more comfortable and tolerable, especially if you’re on a tender/sore spot. After you’re done performing the STM with movement, general movement after (walking, squatting down, etc) more than likely will feel less sore and more tolerable‼️Perform 30-60s max each side.
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