Dorsiflexion Mobilization

Considering all the terrible shoe wear people have become accustomed to wearing, there is no coincidence how common people have limited Dorsiflexion range of motion. Towards the depth of a squat dorsiflexion is needed, a limitation in dorsiflexion will manifest with HEEL RISE. This limitation can be due to Limited Soleus length OR Talocrural hypomobility. Check out Episode #18 to see how to isoloate stretching the Soleus. The exercise demonstrated here is to improve mobility at the talocural joint to allow increased dorsiflexion. To perform this exercise properly: -Place the band at the distal lower leg over the Achilles tendon. If this is uncomfortable you may use a towel for cushion -Back yourself up to the point where you feel a good pull from the band -Perform the squat During a closed chain exercise such as a squat, at the arthrokinematic level of the ankle, the tibia is gliding anteriorly on the talus. If the talocrural joint is hypomobile, this band will give a pull allowing for an additional anterior translation of the tibia to increase Dorsiflexion which Allows for a deeper squat. -Why is a heel rise bad? When there is not enough range at the ankle, this needed motion goes up the chain and the knee goes into excessive flexion as a compensation ,forcing a knee strategy. This decreases demand at the Glute’s & put’s extra stress on the knee joint/overuses the quadriceps. Note: be mindful of how deep you go on your squat, even if your ankle joint allows it. You DON’T want to get the butt wink that is demonstrated with this video!
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