Bad Exercise? Donkey Kong Leg Kicks

The quadruped hip extension or “kneeling leg kicks” has become a fairly popular #glute exercise, especially amongst the female population. However, one of the BIGGEST compensations I commonly see in the gym is LUMBAR SPINE EXTENSION which can place undue stress on your spinal facets. The exercise is meant to target the hip extensors, NOT YOUR LOW BACK. To properly perform this exercise, make sure the movement only comes from your hips, not you low back. Ensure that you maintain a neural spine throughout the exercise by using a mirror as a visual cue. Better yet, why not do any other bodyweight or closed chain exercise instead of this?! If the goals are hypertrophy (aka a #bigbutt) YOU NEED TO ADD LOAD! The weight of your leg is not nearly enough to stimulate hypertrophic gluteal growth…so get working on those weighted #squats and #deadlifts instead!
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