Developmental Kinesiology Compilation

Developmental Kinesiology Compilation [DNS] . This post on Developmental Kinesiology is meant to train muscles through purposeful movements. Some of you may know this as “Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization,” (DNS). DNS is originated by Pavel Kolar, who was known as one of the best student of the legend Vlademir Janda. . The basis of DNS is on developmental kinesiology; that in early childhood your movement pattern is automatic, predictable, and genetically formed as the nervous system matures. . These movements will give you a global approach to exercising taking advantage of the pre-programmed postures we possess, in order to improve quality of movement patterns. . If one muscle is dysfunctional, then the whole stabilizing function is disturbed. These exercises will make sure you don’t have a weak link in the kinetic chain and that there is no compromise in the stabilizing system. . "Every Developmental Position is an Exercise Position” –Pavel Kolar
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