Depth Drop Hop

  • HOW: Begin by standing on an elevated surface. Step off of the surface with one foot and land on the same foot. Absorb the landing by bending your knee and hinging forward at the waist. As you absorb the landing, push into the ground and jump straight up and land in the same spot. This should all be done in one, controlled, continuous motion. 
  • FEEL: You will feel all the muscles in your legs working.
  • COMPENSATION: Landing Position. Make sure your knees are aligned over your toes. They should not dive inwards on the landing. Your goal is to absorb as much of the landing forces as you can and land softly. That means that you want your hips and knees to bend as much as they need to, to absorb the force. If you do not let them bend much, you will land "stiff" and hard. Let your hips go back and while keeping your chest up to help absorb the forces. Your toes should touch the ground first when you land and quickly your heels will follow. You should land in a "ready position" like you would if you were playing sports, with your weight ever so slightly forward on the balls of your feet. You should not fall forward or backwards after landing. 
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