Deltoid Raise Variations

Deltoid raises are a staple shoulder exercise‼️ Did you know lateral deltoid raises and the scaption exercise are some of the best rotator cuff exercises for shoulder health⁉️ Every shoulder program should incorporate some sort of deltoid raise. However, not every person can jump right into traditional dumbbell deltoid raises.   Demonstrated in this video are deltoid raise variations starting with some easier, regressed versions.   1️⃣ Side-lying lateral raise w/ DB 2️⃣ Unilateral forward raise w/ band 3️⃣ Unilateral lateral raise w/ shoulder ER w/ band 4️⃣ Bilateral lateral raise w/ band 5️⃣ Bilateral scaption w/ band 6️⃣ Bilateral forward raise with DB & band   I like to program deltoid raises for strength-endurance and for muscle hypertrophy. I like to pick a light to moderate weight and perform 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps 3-4x/week. P.S. my wife has been making fun of my workout faces, so now when she films me I try to provide comic relief 🤣
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