Deficit Posterior Lunge – Step Up, Single Leg Balance

  • HOW:  Stand on a box/step and know that the leg that doesn't move from the box/step will be the one working. Begin the exercise by stepping back and performing a posterior lunge followed by transitioning into a step up with single leg balance. The leg you step back with is the same leg you drive into the air until your thigh is at least parallel to the ground. Squeeze the butt muscles on the leg you're standing on as you balance, and then step back down into another posterior lunge. One rep counts as performing both movements.
  • FEEL:  You should feel the thigh muscles and the butt muscles working in the leg that is on the box/step.
  • COMPENSATION:  One leg should never leave the box/step until you switch to the other side. Avoid letting your knee cave in as you step up and step down/lunge. Make sure you have equal weight distribution throughout your whole foot that you're standing on the entire time. Avoid pushing off the ground with your back leg as you are stepping up. Don’t step down to fast – try to control it.

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