Deep Lateral Step Down – Assisted

HOW: Stand on the edge of a taller box/step and balance with all of your weight on the leg you want to exercise. Make sure you are next to a sturdy surface that will support your weight, we will be using this for assistance. Your other leg you can relax and hover it off the edge of the step. Slowly lower your hips and descend with control as far as you can go. Then push up and rise to the stranding position, using your arms and the support to help you get up! The goal of this exercise to go into a deeper range of motion that what you could normally do on your own, without assistance. FEEL: You should feel all of the thigh muscles and butt muscles working in the leg that you are standing on. COMPENSATION: Don’t let the knees cave in or bow out. Be sure to maintain equal weight distribution throughout the entire foot of the standing leg.
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