Deadlift With Kettlebell

  • HOW: Set up a kettlebell in between your feet closer to your heels than your toes. Hip hinge and grab the KB with both hands. While keeping your back and neck straight, push the floor away using your legs and stand tall while keeping your shoulder blades squeezed back. Then hip hinge again and lower the weight down towards the ground and repeat. Ideally, the kettlebell should move in a straight line up and down 
  • FEEL: Think about pulling the kettlebell handles apart by pulling your hands away from one another to help engage the muscles around your shoulder blades and your lats. Also, focus on keeping your core tight and do not let your lower back arch or bend especially as you lower the weight down and stand tall. This should primarily be a glute and hamstring workout. 
  • COMPENSATION: Do not bend or arch your low back, think about pushing the floor away to stand up versus using your upper body to stand up. Stay strong with your hands and upper body while holding the kettlebell tight.

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