Dead Bugs Upper Extremity Variation

Building upon yesterday's post, here is another variation of the dead bugs. This time, we are using our upper extremity to vary the biomechanical demands placed upon our core. You can alternate arms or reach overhead simultaneously. Again, the same rule applies: the core needs to stay braced and activated the entire time! The goal of motor control exercises are to enable the patient to regain control and coordination of the spine and pelvis using principles of motor learning. There is a growing body of literature that supports utilizing motor control exercises as a treatment for chronic and recurrent low back pain, and in some cases—see the meta analysis below—motor control exercises were shown to be superior to general exercise in reducing disability and pain. Low back pain is a multifaceted problem that is highly influenced by pain science, kinesiophobia, physiology, and psychology. In no way shape or form am I saying motor control exercises will alleviate low back pain - however, there is a growing body of literature that supports motor control exercises as an effective treatment approach in addition to the normal standard of care. This is especially true for those with clinical instability who have impaired control and coordination fothe spinal muscles. Citation: Bystrom et al 2013. Motor Control Exercises Reduces Pain and Disability in Chronic and Recurrent Low Back Patients in SPINE.
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