Dead Bug + Progressions

Dead Bug is a great exercise to improve core muscle strength, endurance, and functional capacity. The problem is, often times people are compensating by over arching their back and don't even realize this. Here is a progression of Dead bugs from easiest to hardest. Start at the most regressed version, and slowly progress! Too often individuals don't control this movement properly and compensate with low back extension, demonstrated with your ribs coming up. ๏ฟฝ Pelvis and low back stays brace throughout the leg movements. Stay strong proximally as you are moving distally. Here are a few Dead Bug Progressions: โœ…Supine Hooklying Marching Feet Supported โœ…Supine Hooklying Marching Feet Supported โœ…Supine Single Leg Kickouts โœ…Supine Double Leg Kickouts
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