D2 Shoulder Flexion – Band

  • HOW: Get a band anchored down by the ground and stand next to the anchor but turn your body 90 degrees from it. Hold the band with your arm that is further away from the anchor. Spread your feet so that they’re a little more than shoulder width apart. To begin the exercise, perform a hip hinge while simultaneously rotating your body towards the anchor letting your hand move towards the anchor. Then reverse the motion until you’re standing tall, rotated towards the other side, with the band in an overhead position with your arm and hand rotated out (see video for details). Slowly return to starting position and repeat, perform on both sides.
  • FEEL: You should feel the muscles on the outside and back of your shoulder as well as your shoulder blade muscles working. This is also a little bit of a full body exercise as you can see.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not let your elbow bend, do not shrug your shoulder, do not arch your back, focus on timing the movement and using your lower body to help drive the movement.

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