Cutting Power Explosive Curtsey Lunge

The Crossover Step Powered by @WebPt . ⛹️‍♂️ The crossover step is a must-learn technique for any athlete when it comes to frontal plane movement drills. Essentially you have 2 options for lateral movements. Either a pure lateral shuffle (feet never cross each other) or the crossover step (feet cross over each other). You need BOTH to maximize your performance on the field. . 🏋️‍♂️ While it's extremely important to practice the actual techniques themselves, you can also work on drills to improve that first step power. . To simply things: To work on the lateral shuffle ➡️ any lateral lunge based drill To work on the crossover step ➡️ any curtsey lunge based rill . 1️⃣ The first clip is a weighted curtsey lunge working on explosive power. . 2️⃣ + 3️⃣The clips working on Load-N-Gos on the wall is from an @exoseducation course we went to last year with @the_athletes_therapist. These clips demonstrate some technique drills for working on first step power. Note that the crossover cut pattern demonstrated in these clip is for a change of direction first step, not the crossover step for pure frontal plane movement. . Curtsey lunges are my favorite!!! #curtsey #curtseylunge #cuttingtechnique #athlete . We’re proud to partner with @WebPT, the leading EMR provider for therapists around the globe!
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