Curtsey Lunge to Lateral Lunge Combo Variations

Bored with the same old lunge variation? Give these a shot and tag a buddy you want to try them out with! . Movement variability is KEY to injury prevention, and I am always trying to challenge my patients with new movements. Athleticism as I define it is the ability to quickly learn to perform an unlearned and unpracticed movement with skill and grace. Itโ€™s our body (and brains) ability to be faced with a new and novel environment, situation, and demand and execute a new movement with perfection. . That being said, ALWAYS change up your exercises to keep the GAINZ going!. . In this exercise, Iโ€™ve taken two separate exercises (the lateral lunge and curtesy lunge) and combined them into one - already a challenging movement on its own to smoothly put together. If youโ€™re new to the movement - START HERE. . But to further add variability, Iโ€™ve added a speed component to the exercise. One emphasizing the concentric โ€œpowerโ€ portion of the exercises and the second emphasizing the eccentric โ€œdecelerationโ€ portion of the exercise. Have fun!!
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