Crow Hop To Rainbow Towel Slam

  • HOW: Grab onto a towel with both hands and start in a standing position while holding the towel at chest height. Begin the crow hop by taking your outside foot and crossing it over the other foot. Then, take the original inside foot and step back in front of the other foot. From here, pivot on the inside foot turning your body 90 degrees(do this all in one motion). As you are pivoting, bring the towel up and over your head and slam it down in front of you at the end of the pivot with a bit of a squat as well. 
  • FEEL: You should feel your lower body muscles working during the crow hop. Your core and upper body get used to stabilize your body and throw the medball. 
  • COMPENSATION: Perform the crow hop with the towel slam all in one, fluid motion. Don’t pause at any time during the crow hop.

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