Crossover Triple Hop Test – Return To Sport Testing

The goal of this test is to consecutively hop three times as far as possible on the same leg while alternatively crossing over a line, aiming to “stick” the final landing. The performance goal is to have the recently injured limb within 10% of the uninjured limb. Poor performance on this hop test (greater than 10% difference between limbs) can identify those at risk of re-injury. Video Highlights This test is unique from the others as it adds a lateral component to the movement. With this addition, there is an increase in frontal and transverse plane forces. In this video, jumping from right to left in the medial direction is more challenging as it increases the valgus moment placed on the knee as compared to the other direction. This requires to athlete to work harder to decelerate the knee from moving through dynamic knee valgus. You can appreciate the differences between the second and final landing!
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