Cross Over Hop Test

HOW: Set up a starting line on the ground with an object or piece of tape. You will need to start with your toe behind the line and your hands on your hips. Depending on what foot you start with, the first hop should be in a forward and diagonal motion across the line, then proceed to hop forward and over for a total of 3 hops. Make sure to hop over the line and stick the landing on the 3rd hop. If you donโ€™t stick the landing, the trial does not count. You get three attempts for this test. Measure the distance from the starting line to your heel on the 3rd hop. Average the three attempts. If you reach 90% of the distance as your non-injured leg, you passed this test! FEEL: You should feel your lower leg muscles working as you go forwards in a diagonal motion. Remember to get off the ground as quickly as possible for your first two hops and stick and hold the 3rd hop to work on deceleration. COMPENSATION: Keep your hands on your hips while hopping forwards. Create a soft landing with your lower leg going leaning slighty forwards instead of landing tall and flat-footed.
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