Cross Over Hop Test

This assessment will look at your hoping ability while taking on both forward and side-to-side forces. You will start by laying tape or a tape measure down on the floor with a standardized starting position of 0. You will line the hopping leg up with 0. You will complete a series of 3 hops consecutively making sure to stick the last one. The goal is to cover as much distance out as you can, while also hoping over the center line.  For example, if the R leg is starting at 0, it will be positioned on the outside of the center line, First hop will be out as far as you can but make sure you land on the Left side of the center line. Similar instructions for the second hop in the series but now you should land on the R side of the center line and finally the 3rd hop you will land back on the L side of the line. Take the final measurement from the back of your heel.  Along with distance, you should also be aware of your landing quality and balance. We recommend using the following protocol: Perform a warmup trial at 50 percent effort, then 75 percent effort, and then near max effort. Once warmed up take 2-3 attempts and your score will be the furthest one. Rest and then Repeat this on the other side. Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Your test results should be within 90% of each other. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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