Comprehensive Calf Mobilization

1️⃣I begin this 3 part sequence by 1-2 minutes of soft tissue mobilizations using a foam roller underneath my calf. You have the option of putting additional load with the other leg to make this mobilization more aggressive. You can go with or against the fibers. . 2️⃣Static stretch ✅Gastrocnemius- Keep the knee straight as your dorsiflex (bring the foot towards your body) to maximize stretch of this muscle. ✅Soleus stretch- Bend the knee slightly to target this muscle. �Avoid letting the foot collapse in (pronating) the lizard is used here as an EXTERNAL CUE To avoid the collapse! Don't squish the �❗️ ✔️Perform either one of these for 2x30 seconds . 3️⃣Dynamic 3D Calf Mobility While keeping the back leg loaded, begin moving in different directions, this is a dynamic mobility drill for the calf. ✔️I like to go to the left, middle, and right for 5 rounds.
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