Lat Mobilization Drill

1️⃣Soft Tissue Mobilization of the Lats and Teres complex aka Lats little helper (as you roll closer to the shoulder). I am performing a pin and stretch technique for 5-10 passes. You can also statically foam roll this area for 1-2 minutes. 2️⃣Lat Roll Out- will improve Lat flexibility. Notice how my thumbs are facing towards the ceiling, this is helps target this stretch to my Lats (external rotation of the shoulder). Roll out slow and controlled for 10 repetitions. Mind you, this video is sped up 1.25X original speed. �I can lean towards one side which will help further the stretch on that side. 3️⃣After you have improved flexibility of your tissue with passive stretching follow this up with end range lift offs. Lumbar spine extension is often a compensation with overhead motion. The best part of an end range lift here is that your low back is essentially locked out into flexion not allowing you to compensate with arching your low back. Perform 5x5 second holds with this exercise.
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