Carrying Capacity Assessment

The Carry Capacity Test is meant to test grip and core strength and endurance. It will also test mental fortitude as it is a challenging test! Please watch the video to get a visual demonstration of how to perform the test. Below you will find a description of how to do so. You will be using a loaded hex bar or heavier dumbbells or kettlebells. You will lift the weight up off the floor safely, maintain the weights in a farmer carry position and begin walking in a straight line. The goal is to see how much weight you can carry for a 30 second duration! Make sure to keep your shoulders back and maintain a nice tall posture during the carry. You can walk slowly or quickly as the assessment does not look at distance, rather time you were able to hold the weight during a farmer carry. Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Elite: 2x body weight for 30 seconds (example: 150 lbs; 300 total pounds carried) Extremely Good: 1.75x body weight for 30 seconds Good: 1.5x body weight for 30 seconds Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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