Captain Morgan

This exercise is one of my Favorites for improving hip stability! The Glute Medius wall lean will mimic the single leg stance required for functional movements such as walking, ambulating on stairs, or running. When the Gluteus Medius is weak it can lead to injuries such as IT band syndrome, medial knee pain, trochanteric bursitis, low back pain, Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, and plantar fascititis. (Ireland et al. 2003, Robinson et al. 2007, Cichonowski et al. 2007). . -For this exercise first start with your feet about hip width apart. -With your knee closest to the wall elevate and push your knee into the wall so that your hip is NOT touching the wall. -AVOID leaning over towards your stance limb, this is tricky because at the same time you want to AVOID allowing your shoulder to touch the wall. Basically allow your trunk to remain in the neutral position you would be in if you were to stand. -The further you walk out your stance leg the more difficult this exercise will get. . Although you are strengthening the leg that is pushing up against the wall, the stance limb is the one that should fatigue first! Go ahead and try this out, it is much more difficult than it looks. Tag a friend who needs strong Hips. Shout out to the staff at Glendale Adventist for showing me this exercise!
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