Bulgarian Split Squat Variations

Tired of normal squats? Is the Bulgarian Split Squat easy for you? Maybe you've been doing the Bulgarian split squat for quite some time now and want to spice things up!? Check out this video to learn some Bulgarian split squat variations. 1) Cross Body Reach - this variation is the easiest way to increase the demand on the ipsilateral hip abductors 2) Contralateral Y - one of our favorite variations to increase the demand on the hip abductors and also promote scapular stability, especially for overhead athletes 3) Contralateral Suitcase Hold - if you really want to load up the BSS, this is an easy way to do so 4) Jump Reps - generating and absorbing force on one leg should be a prerequisite for every athlete, here is a way to train that 5) Clean & Press - for the bold, this variation is an unique way to use the BSS for a power focused exercise Every variation has a specific reason, your training shouldn't be any different. If willing and able, you should to try all of these variations. However, we encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself why. Why would you add one of these variations to your workout or training program? What is your goal? Answer that first before you just chose random variations!
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