Bulgarian Split Squat – Band

  • HOW: Start in a standing position balancing on one leg with the other leg behind you supported on an elevated surface.  Have a band anchored under your front foot and around the top of your upper back. Hold onto the band in each hand - try to position the band similarly to how you would position a barbell in a back squat. Perform a lunge by letting your hip and knee bend to lower yourself down towards the ground and repeat. Try to maintain at least 80-90% of your body weight on the front leg. 
  • FEEL: You will feel the leg that is in front doing most of the work, with your thigh and butt muscles working. 
  • COMPENSATION: Do not lean side-to-side or lean back, keep your weight mostly on your front foot. Perform the lunge with good form by not letting your knee collapse in or bow out, do not let your pelvis drop. 

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