Brueggers Posture Hack

DO THIS EXERCISE TO IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE!! As you're reading this post, you're probably in a very similar position as I am - slouched over, forward head, protracted scapula, shoulder forward and up, arms in, flexed wrist/fingers. And it's NOT your fault - it's comfortable! However, the body is meant to MOVE and change positions throughout the day - so get on it! I love Brueggers for the following reasons: 1) Works on all the phasic muscles that help with postural control, including all the mid-scapular stabilizers. By activating all these muscles, the goal is to "turn down" the activity of the tonic and overactive upper traps, pectoralis muscles, and neck extensors via RECIPRICOL INHIBITION. 2) Gets your sitting upright! Feel the stretch in your anterior chest and what it's like to sit up tall. 3) The hand wrap allows those with lateral epicondylitis aka TENNIS ELBOW to work on their scapular stabilizers WITHOUT EXCESSIVE WRIST EXTENSOR ACTION. If you have a labor intensive job, [P]Rehab your elbow and work on proximal strengthening of the scapula, while giving your common extensor origin a break. 10x per hour, 5s holds should do the trick! Tag a friend who needs a posture fix!! Shout out to my CI Dr. Jason Tonley PT DPT OCS FAAOMPT who taught me this exercise!
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