Bow And Arrow – Step, Band

  • HOW: Get a band set-up anchored at shoulder height. While holding the ends of the band in each hand, you’re going to perform a bow & arrow movement while also stepping and rotating to the same side. For example, on the left, you will drive the left elbow back towards your shoulder while keeping your elbow at shoulder height. In the finished position, your hand should be ear height. Think about squeezing your shoulder blade back to drive the motion and stay strong in your wrist. Rotate your upper body to the same side as you simultaneously perform the motion and step. Perform on both sides.
  • FEEL: You should feel the muscles in the back of your shoulder and shoulder blade driving the motion.
  • COMPENSATION: The goal is to keep your shoulder still and stabilized as you perform the workout. Do not shrug your shoulder, let your shoulder roll forward, or flare your elbow high. Try to keep your elbow at shoulder height. Do not compensate at your wrist.

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