BOSU Scapular Stability Tall Plank

Have you wanted to torture your workout buddy, but couldn’t find out how? If so, try this killer scapular stability plank on a BOSU. The closed kinetic chain position of the plank is my absolute favorite way to work on shoulder stability �. The BOSU instantly adds an element of instability to the exercise, resulting in more co-contractions of the shoulder musculature. Tapping the BOSU forces the athlete to adjust to the perturbations, and randomly tapping ensures that the athlete has to constantly react to a changing stimulus! The key to the exercise is proper setup and progression to the BOSU version. In the second video, I cover the set up. You MUST be able to keep the scapula flush against the thorax. Really engage the serratus anterior and try to "break the ground" by driving your hands into it. ❌If you're unable to keep the shoulder blade stable in the plank position, you'll need to regress 1️⃣ Plank on knees 2️⃣ Plank on elevated surface like a table 3️⃣ Standing plank against the wall ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE MASTERED SCAPULAR STABILITY should you progress to something like the BOSU variations. There are TONS of other ways to progress shoulder stability exercises ➡️Sliders on hand going (up/down, left right) ➡️Shoulder taps for unilateral control ➡️KB drag through for additional rotational control Have fun with it�! Remember, no matter what regression or progression you choose, you MUST keep the scapula stable! The moment you loose that stability, the exercise is over!
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