Body On Neck Rotation – Step

  • HOW: You can be sitting or standing with this exercise, demonstrated is standing - just know you can get more body rotation in standing versus sitting. To perform the exercise, focus on keeping your head still looking straight ahead as you rotate the rest of your body side-to-side. Start with small body rotations as it is easy for the head/neck to move. Small movement is likely to happen and is ok, the goal is to limit excessive head/neck motion.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a gentle stretch at the base and along the sides of your neck, you may also feel a stretch up to the base of your skull. The goal of this exercise is to promote pain free body-on-neck rotation when directly rotating the head/neck hurts.
  • COMPENSATION: Focus on keeping your head still looking straight ahead, do not let your head/neck excessively rotate or tilt sideways.

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