Blood Flow Restriction – Biohack Your Training! | Episode 29

Personalized blood flow restriction training is an exercise modality that involves using a cuff to occlude venous blood flow out of a limb while restricting arterial blood flow into a limb. A growing body of evidence now supports the use of blood flow restriction at rest, combined with aerobic training, or combined with low-load resistance training to enhance hypertrophic and strength responses in skeletal muscles. Learn more about blood flow restriction training with this video! Read More Here: After inflating the cuff to the target pressure we perform a 30-15-15-15 rep scheme! Protocol: -30 rep’s -30 seconds rest break -15 rep’s -30 seconds rest break -15 rep’s -30 seconds rest break -15 rep’s Deflate Cuffs for 1 minute prior to the next exercise It has been generally accepted that muscle hypertrophy requires high-load training utilizing loads of at least 70% 1-repetition max or lower loads (30-50%RM) until failure. However, there is mounting evidence that now supports that low-load resistance training (20-40%RM) combined with blood flow restriction can similarly induce muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. What we used to know and understand about muscle cell physiology and hypertrophy has been turned upside down through blood flow restriction research. We are learning that metabolic stress (created through BFR training) can be similarly as effective as mechanical stress in inducing hypertrophic changes! Video Edited By:
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