Bird Dog With Drawing Squares

  • WHY: This exercise will help to teach you low back awareness, strengthen your back muscles, and promote trunk stability.
  • HOW: Get set-up on your hands and knees and place your spine in a neutral position between anterior and posterior pelvic tilt. While keeping the rest of your body still, lift one arm and the opposite leg as high as you can trying to get your arm and leg parallel to the ground. Hold this position for a second, then begin to draw squares with your arm and foot. Try to coordinate your arm and leg to move at the same time in the same direction. Repeat on the other side.
  • FEEL: You should feel your back and core muscles working to keep your body still. You should feel the muscles around your shoulder and shoulder blade working to raise and move your arm up as well as your hip muscles working to raise and move your leg. It is ok if you find it difficult at first to coordinate the movement, it will improve with repetition. Follow the video for other cues and tips.

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