Bird Dog – Row, Kettlebell

  • HOW: Begin with one knee bent on a bench.  The other leg should be up and straight out from your hip. The arm on the side of the leg on the bench should be holding a kettlebell.  The other arm on the side where the leg is kicked out behind you is placed on the bench with a slight bend in the elbow stabilizing your body. Engage your shoulder blade muscles and pull the kettlebell up acting like you are pinching a pencil in between your shoulder blade and your spine. Lower the kettlebell down and repeat as many times as prescribed. 
  • FEEL: With the leg kicking out you will feel the muscles on the back of the hip working, with the arm that is punching out you will feel the muscles on top of the shoulder and back of the shoulder blade working. You should feel the mid back muscles working as you row up.
  • COMPENSATION: Avoid rotating the trunk, arching the back as you raise your leg and row up. Don’t shrug the shoulder as you raise the arm.

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