Best Stretches After Running

Timestamps ⏱ 0:00 Intro 1:04 Soleus & Foot Intrinsics Stretch 2:02 Runners Knee Calf Stretch 3:04 IT Band Syndrome Quadriceps Stretch 3:57 Groin Butterfly Stretch 4:51 Dynamic Half Kneeling Stretch 5:53 Tall Kneeling Quadriceps Stretch 7:03 BLOOPERS   The secret to the best cool down routine after running is in this video! Be ready to participate and simply hit play to join Craig going through the best stretches you should do after running and more importantly learn why. We will walk you through the routine while educating you how each stretch can help with common running injuries and what else you should be considering to do in between your runs!   RUNNING [P]REHAB PROGRAM:   Video By:
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